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In 1949 the Costa Rican government abolished their army, stating that the army "would be replaced with an army of teachers." The country has free universal public education and a literacy rate of 97%.

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Earlier this year Costa Ricans discovered their first new species of frog since 1973, bearing a striking resemblance to Kermit.

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  1. After the Costa Rican Civil War, commander Figueres ruled as president for a year, abolished the army and peacefully stepped down.

  2. In 1987, a nine year-old Swedish boy and his teacher began a movement that raised $2 million internationally and protects 22,500 hectares (55,600 acres) of Costa Rican rainforest.

  3. A Costa Rican Fisherman Nursed a Crocodile Back to Health, and it Stayed With him for the Rest of its Life, Passing Away in 2011

  4. Brewing companies Magic Hat, Genesee, Pyramid, Dundee, and Portland Brewing are all owned by a Costa Rican holding company, Florida Ice & Farm Co.

  5. A Costa Rican wasp that is born in another insect, devours it from the inside, then saws it's way out to fly off and repeat the cycle.

  6. Costa Rican newspaper called the election of John Paul II "the first non-Christian Pontiff in 455 years", because the words "Pole" and "Jew" are synonyms in Costa Rica.

  7. There is a flower fly, found only in the Costa Rican high montane cloud forests, named after Bill Gates.

  8. Costa Ricans still hate that Jurassic Park showed their urban capital, San Jose, as a dusty beach town

  9. Costa Ricans live longer and report feeling more satisfied with life than Americans

  10. A Costa Rican rescued a crocodile and his wife divorced because he spent too much time with his reptilian friend

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Guillermo Vargas, a Costa-Rican artist, is best known for putting a starving dog on display in a Nicaraguan art gallery.

While delivering a speech, a wasp flew into Costa Rican president Luis Rivera's mouth. He proceeded to eat the wasp and continue with the speech. - source

The "Why not both?" girl from the El Passo commercial that the meme is based on isn't actually Mexican at all. She's half Filipino, half Costa Rican, and lives in Australia. - source

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