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Elsevier published 6 faked journals that were basically corporate sponsored advertising.

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After the festival, Woodstock Ventures was over $1 million dollars in debt, after failing to sign corporate sponsors. Took over a decade to repay the debt

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  1. The United States Olympic Committee is the only Olympic Committee in the world to not receive State funding, all funding comes from corporate sponsors and donations.

  2. Epcot's Morocco pavilion was created based on Islam and create no depiction of people in the tiling which was done by King Hassan II's artisans. The pavilion is also sponsored by the country itself not a corporation.

  3. Whole Foods, a organic foods grocery store, is a corporate sponsor of a Koch established right wing think tank

  4. The Oklahoma State Capitol building has corporate sponsors' names printed directly on the dome.

  5. In Texas you can get Cheeseburger license plates from Mighty Fine Burgers (and other offerings from corporate sponsors such as Dr. Pepper).

  6. Biketown, the new bicycle-sharing system for Portland, Oregon, was named by its corporate sponsor, Nike, Inc.

  7. Most U.S Olympians earn nothing from the Olympics. The only direct income Olympians receive are from corporate sponsors or winning medals. $25,000 for gold, $15,000 for silver, $10,000 for bronze.

  8. There's an actual call center in Colorado Springs run by NORAD with over 1700 volunteers and 60 corporate sponsors to field phone calls about tracking Santa Claus. The program has features that allow people to use OnStar, Siri, & Cortana to ask where Santa is at any given moment.

  9. "soap opera" is a pejorative term. Back before TV, there were these daytime operatic radio shows geared toward women. The first corporate sponsors advertised during these shows were soap manufacturers like Proctor & Gamble, which even had its own radio drama!

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