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Paul Chuckle who was a part of a British children's entertainment team with his brother (Barry, RIP) once crashed his motorbike on the Greek island of Kefalonia in 2007. British tourists instead of helping him, shouted out their famous catchphrase, "To me, to you".

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The Chuckle Brothers created a song called 'To me, to you' with Tinchy Stryder to raise money for the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust

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  1. Paul Elliot of the Chuckle brothers was in a motorcycle crash while on holiday. Instead of helping him, tourists who stopped at the accident shouted the Chuckle Brothers' catchphrase, "To me, to you".

  2. The Chuckle Brothers are the younger brothers of another comedy duo, the lesser known Patton Brothers.

  3. Paul Chuckle once crashed his motorbike to avoid a goat herder. Instead of helping him, tourists shouted the Chuckle Brothers' catchphrase, "To me, to you."

  4. There were originally four Chuckle Brothers.

  5. In the 90s, the Chuckle Brothers stopped DJ Dave Lee Travis from groping a stagehand at a pantomime

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