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After a week of rioting, the governor of Illinois ordered 6,000 national guardsmen into the southside to quell the violence.

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Black youth gangs responded by clashing with the Irish gangs in the streets and attacking homes in white neighborhoods.

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  1. William Hale Thompson (1869-1944) was the mayor of Chicago during the riot and was the last Republican mayor of the city.

  2. Seventeen black were indicted for rioting, but no one was ever prosecuted, white or black, for murder.

  3. The riot crippled Chicago's economy for weeks and led to hundreds of the city's blacks returning the south.

  4. Although blacks today make up about half of Chicago's population and the city is considered an African-American cultural center, they were less than ten percent of the population in 1919.

  5. One policeman was killed in the riot.

  6. Despite being a significant minority in 1919, the share of the black population of Chicago increased by 148% from 1916 to 1919.

  7. Much of the violence was committed by ethnic Irish gangs such as Ragen's Colts.

  8. It is believed the violence began when whites began throwing rocks at black swimmers at a defacto segregated beach, resulting in the death of African-American Eugene Williams. When black residents objected that the perpetrators were not arrested, a white descended on the blacks.

  9. Some of the Irish youth gangs attempted to pull other European immigrants into the riot by conducting "false flags." They would attack the homes and businesses of Italians, Germans, Polish, and other Europeans and make it look like it was the work of the black gangs.

  10. Over 500 injuries were reported during the riot, two-thirds were black.

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Most of the violence took place on the southside, close to the meatpacking plants where the Irish and blacks competed for work. Both ethnic groups were also densely populated on the southside with their neighborhoods often clearly separated by a single street.

The black neighborhoods on the southside were collectively referred to as the "Black Belt."

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