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The bishop of Orlando is also bishop of the moon, due to a canon law that says "any newly discovered territory would fall under the bishopric from whence the discovering expedition departed." His is therefore the largest Catholic diocese, at over 14,000,000 square miles.

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Muskrats are considered legally fish by the Catholic diocese of southeast Michigan, allowing them to be eaten on Fridays during Lent. When asked about the ruling the local bishop wrote that "anyone who could eat muskrat was doing penance worthy of the greatest of the saints."

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  1. The Holy See (The Catholic Church) became the first legal partner to Hitler's regime. The Vatican and Nazis signed Reichskonkordat, a treaty which removed the German church from any continued role of opposition to Hitler, and required bishops to take an oath of loyalty to the German Reich.

  2. Francis Hong Yong-ho, the last Catholic Bishop of Pyongyang, was imprisoned in 1949 by Kim Il-sung's regime and disappeared. Vatican documents listed him as the Bishop until 2013, when they finally acknowledged his death.

  3. Condom Cathedral is a Catholic church and former cathedral dedicated to Saint Peter, and a national monument of France, located in Condom, Gers. It was formerly the seat of the Bishops of Condom.

  4. The song "Am I Ever Going to See Your Face Again" (where the crowd always replies "No Way! Get F***ed! F*** off!") was performed in front of the Foreign Minister of East Timor, the Roman Catholic Bishop of East Timor, and a very embarrassed commander of Aussie forces in East Timor

  5. The country of Andorra is ruled by co-princes: The Catholic Bishop of Urgell in Spain, and the President of France. The Andorran heads of state don't live in Andorra and aren't voted on by Andorrans.

  6. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops strongly recommended Mel Gibson rewrite The Passion of the Christ, calling it "one of the most troublesome texts, relative to anti-Semitic potential, that any of us had seen in twenty-five years"

  7. While most of France has a strict separation of church and state, because Alsace-Lorraine was ruled by Germany at the law's passage the region still follows Napoleon's 1801 Concordat. Clergy are paid by the state and the French president appoints the region's Catholic bishops.

  8. The Bishop of Urgell, as the Co-Prince of Andorra, is one of two Catholic priests who is also a monarch. (The other second priest who is also a monarch is the Pope).

  9. In 1961 the catholic Bishops in Nigeria made St. Patrick their national patron saint.

  10. Germany pays the wages of bishops and other Catholic and Protestant church employees

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There was an official Catholic Bishop of the Moon.

The Catholic Church estimates that approximately 8,200 of its priests, bishops and cardinals are paedophiles. About 1/10th of that number have been defrocked over the past decade. - source

In the 15th century, Catholic theologian Nicolas of Cusa wrote before Copernicus that earth is a star like other stars, is not the centre of the universe and that there might be extraterrestrial life. He later became a bishop. - source

Major Nazi war criminals escaped after the war through the use of "ratlines": escape routes provided mostly by Catholic priests and bishops

The genocidal violence against Jews during the middle ages was encouraged by Christian authorities so they could avoid repayment of massive debt to Jewish moneylenders. Only Jews were allowed to loan money in large sums and collect interest, often loaning to Catholic Bishops and Kings. - source

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Andorra is technically a theocracy, being ruled by a Catholic Bishop (along with the President of France, who is 'co-prince')

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A Catholic bishop burned every Mayan book except four

After the Orlando Shooting, a Florida Catholic Bishop said the Church "breeds contempt for gays" and Catholicism is as much to blame for homophobia as Islam.

Mary I of England tried to make England catholic again and started killing Protestants, including my ancestor, John Hooper, a bishop burned at the stake in 1555.

In 1969, the Bishop of Orlando (whose jurisdiction also covered Cape Canaveral where Apollo 11 launched) "nonchalantly observed" to Pope Paul VI that he was now the legal Bishop of the Moon, according to Catholic canon law governing new territories.

There is a legitimate case in the Catholic Church that the Bishop of Florida is the Bishop of the moon.

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The Catholic Church has a bishop of the moon. Due to rules from the age of the exploration the bishop of Orlando has jurisdiction over the moon

In the Catholic Church it doesn't actually take 3 bishops to consecrate a bishop - one is enough

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