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Cape Cod Bay is shallower at the southern end.

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The surface water's counter-clockwise pattern circulation helps to flush the area with nutrient-rich ocean water, contributing to the healthy marine environment and fish population.

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  1. The maximum depth of Cape Cod Bay is 206 feet. The surface water of Cape Cod Bay encompasses 604 square miles.

  2. Cape Cod is getting smaller due to erosion, making the beaches along Cape Cod Bay appearing endless. The beaches are eroding at the rate of about one to two feet each year, with one eroding as much as ten feet a year.

  3. Cape Cod Bay is connected to Buzzards Bay by Cape Cod Canal, which was built in 1914.

  4. Whale watching is a popular option for visitors to Cape Cod Bay.

  5. Buzzards Bay is bordered by Cape Cod to its east, Elizabeth Islands to its south, Plymouth and Bristol's southern coasts to its northwest, and connected to Rhode Island South to its southwest.

  6. Fish that can be found in Cape Cod Bay include blue-finned tuna, sand eel, striped bass, cod, bonito, mackerel, Pollock, haddock, and flounder.

  7. There is a 252 foot high monument in Provincetown meant to commemorate the Mayflower Pilgrim's first landing in the United States (although it was not yet the United States at the time they landed).

  8. Several species of endangered birds and mammals rely on resources in Cape Cod Bay, such as piping plovers, roseate terns, and the endangered North Atlantic right whale.

  9. Mammals that can be found in Cape Cod Bay include whales, dolphins, and seals.

  10. In 1970 Cape Cod Bay was designated a State Ocean Sanctuary.

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Buzzards Bay is included as part of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway System. More than 20,000 boats pass through Cape Cod Canal each year. Cape Cod Canal connects Buzzards Bay to Cape Cod Bay. It is 480 feet wide and has a depth of 32 feet.

Provincetown Harbor, located along the shores of Cape Cod Bay, was the first anchoring place of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower on their way to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620.

Cape Cod Canal is a major shipping route between New York and Boston.

Cape Cod Bay is popular with fishing charters during the fishing season. Fishing season runs from May to October. Fisherman can fish from shore, on private boats, or aboard deep sea charter boats.

The most popular fishing bait used in Cape Cod Bay is sea clams.

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In 1620 the Pilgrims tried to shoot a whale when they anchored in Provincetown but they were not successful.

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Each year humpback whales migrate to Cape Cod Bay. They are there to feed on fish between April and December.

As many as 2 billion gallons of petroleum products are shipped through Cape Cod Canal every year.

There is roughly 300 miles of shoreline along Cape Cod Bay, with dunes, low bluffs, wetlands, and many beaches.

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