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Due to the large Basque population in Idaho, Boise state university is only one of two universities in the US (the other being University of Nevada-Reno) to offer a Basque language course.

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The USA’s current passenger airbag laws resulted from a tragic accident where a child’s head was knocked off and flew out the broken window when airbags deployed in a fender bender in Boise, Idaho in 1996.

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  1. Boise, Idaho, USA has a (relatively) large ethnic Basque population.

  2. Idaho's capital city is Boise.

  3. Boise, Idaho used to have an electric trolley system which was discontinued and paved over. Some tracks have been unearthed during recent construction projects in the city.

  4. Boise, Idaho has a long history of Basque culture

  5. In 1985 a 7ft. "Mr. Potato Head" ran for Mayor of Boise, Idaho. It was the "first vegetable and the first toy to run for public office."

  6. For celebrating the New Year, Boise, Idaho drops a giant potato.

  7. It takes only 10 letters to write Boise, Idaho. It takes 24 letters to write Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They are first and last in state name + capital city length.

  8. The fewest number of letters to spell a U.S. State AND its capital is 10. (Boise, Idaho)

  9. Kevin Spacey's brother is a limousine driving Rod Stewart impersonator in Boise, Idaho (You have to see this website).

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