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When Ed Sheeran was just starting out and had no place to stay, Jamie Foxx let him live at his house for 6 weeks and then invited Sheeran to perform for an all-black crowd of 800. "He went up there on that ukulele and got a standing ovation in 12 minutes, and the rest is history," Foxx recalled.

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A slave from Mozambique called Yasuke was the first black samurai in the history of Japan

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  1. There is a 'Richter scale for human calamity' called the Foster scale. According to the Foster scale, WWII was the most disastrous event in human history with a score of 11.1, the Black Death ranks number 2 at 10.9, and WWI at number 3 with 10.5.

  2. The only woman ever in history to obtain a 10th degree black belt in Judo did so at the age of 97. She also continued teaching Judo 3x a week until she died at 99

  3. In 1921 a group of whites burnt the wealthiest black community, in the United States, known as "black wall street", to ground. Firebombs were dropped from airplanes and hundreds were killed. This massacre was not acknowledged in state history records until 1996.

  4. In 2013 Robert Downey Jr. beat out George Clooney in a bidding war for movie rights to Black Mirror (UK) episode 'The Entire History of You' because they loved it so much.

  5. Morgan Freeman called Black History Month 'Ridiculous'

  6. A prestigious high school in California had to be told, in 2014, that serving fried chicken, corn bread, and watermelon in recognition of Black History Month might not be a good idea.

  7. Morgan Freeman is against Black History Month

  8. Morgan Freeman has renewed his campaign against black history month and argues that it is "ridiculous" for "propagating its own brand of racism"

  9. "Our Gang" (a/k/a "The Little Rascals") prominently put boys, girls, whites and blacks together as equals, something that had never been done before in cinema. Ernie Morrison ("Sunshine Sammy") was the first African-American actor signed to a long-term contract in Hollywood history.

  10. When looking back at how big France has played apart in American history) Congress wore black and mourning badges for 30 days after Lafayette's death, the same treatment Washington got.

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A professor at Baylor University started the Black Gospel Music Restoration Project by collecting thousands of songs and photos from the 1940s to the 1980s, and these lost pieces of history are available online, free of charge.

Most of Peaky Blinders outdoor scenes are filmed at an open air museum dedicated to 300 years of local history called the black country living museum. - source

There was a cult that lived in a village modeled on ancient Egypt, and mixed black nationalism, cryptozoology, UFO religions, and conspiracy theories, until it's founder was convicted of largest child molestation prosecution in history - source

The largest slave rebellion in U.S. history resulted in the deaths of only 2 white men. In total, 95 black people were hanged and mutilated with their heads used to decorate New Orleans.

The word 'slavery" is never used in the section about the Fugitive Slave Clause, or anywhere else in the Constitution.

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Poll taxes were when people were charged a fee to register to vote.

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Alabama governor George Wallace, who was a staunch segregationist, finally back downed once the ruling was made. There was no anti-marcher violence during the third march.

Carmichael was jailed for three days in 1986 by the at the time new government of Guinea for supporting the regime of Sékou Touré, who was accused of numerous human rights violations, including imprisoning and torturing his political opponents.

Title IX of the Act made it easier for criminal cases involving civil rights violations to be tried in federal court. This was extremely important as many Klansmen who were acquitted in state courts for crimes ranging from assault and arson to murder were usually convicted for civil rights violations, although the convictions usually carried far less time.

The SNCC was one of the main organizations that organized 'sit-ins" in segregated lunch counters and other racially segregated public venues across the south.

March organizers explicitly denied communist and socialist organizations official recognition at the march, fearing that it would be bad optics.

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Once the most militant portions of the mob learned that Meredith was being housed in Baxter Hall, they attempted to surround the building.

Due to the assassination attempts as well as numerous other threats on his life, Evers was given FBI protection, but the detail was absent on the night of his murder.

Despite being an ardent black nationalist, or possibly because of that, numerous American segregationists, such as Earnest Sevier Cox and Theodore Bilbo, showed at least outward support for Garvey.

Southern Democrats filibustered for fifty-four days to prevent the passage of the bill before a compromise bill was introduced that lessened the power of the government to regulate private business.

Fannie learned how to read the Bible at a young age and would later use biblically based metaphors and spiritual hymnals in her activist work.

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Davis personally knew some of the victims of the infamous 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

Hamer died on March 14, 1977 due to complications from breast cancer and hypertension at the age of fifty-nine. She was buried in Ruleville, Mississippi in Sunflower County.

Scott married another slave, Harriet Robinson, while he was at Fort Snelling.

In 1619 the first enslaved Africans (20) were brought to the U.S. on a Dutch ship.

Plessy died on March 1, 1925 in Metairie, Louisiana at the age of sixty-two.

He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1964.

Before the migrations, South Carolina and Mississippi had majority black populations, but today no state is predominantly black.

Crazy Horse's famed increased tremendously after his death. A colossal monument of Crazy Horse, carved into a mountain in the Black Hills, was begun in 1948 but remains unfinished.

The Act provided for federal elections examiners to observe voting in states, counties, and districts that have historically prevented racial and ethnic minorities from voting.

Carmichael attended Howard University, where he first became involved with the SNCC

The mission of the UNIA was to improve the conditions of ethnic Africans, both "at home and abroad."

After retiring from politics, Jordan moved back to her native Texas and taught law.

After a week of rioting, the governor of Illinois ordered 6,000 national guardsmen into the southside to quell the violence.

The first official abolitionist group in the American colonies was The Society for the Relief of Free Negroes Unlawfully Held in Bondage, which was formed by Quakers in 1775.

Garvey died on June 10, 1940 from multiple strokes at the age of fifty-two in London, England.

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