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Bengal cat is very smart and cunning cat with outgoing personality. It is suitable for the families with children and other pets (cats and cat-friendly dogs). Bengal cat often builds strong bond with only one family member. It can easily learn to play fetch, turn light switches on and off (it can play this game all night long) and walk on the leash.

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Bengal cat is strong and agile cat that can jump up to 3 times of its own height, leap 10 feet horizontally and easily climb to the highest point in the house.

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  1. Bengal cat is best known by its soft, silky coat that can be speckled (tri-colored rosettes) or marbled (randomly arranged horizontal stripes). Coat can be golden-brown, grey, bluish, snow or black with dark, leopard-like spots and lines on the body and light-colored/white fur on the belly. Some Bengal cats have iridescent coat that sparkles in the sunlight.

  2. Unlike many cats, Bengal cat likes to play with water. It doesn"t hesitate to drink water directly from a tap and to join its owner in a bathtub.

  3. Leopard cats can interbreed with domestic cats. Created hybrid is known as Bengal cat. People around the world keep Bengal cats as house pets.

  4. Bengal cat gives birth to 4 to 5 kittens on average.

  5. Bengal cat is generally healthy breed, but it can suffer from distal neuropathy, flat-chested kitten syndrome, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and chronic anemia.

  6. Bengal cat likes to explore and it demands plenty of attention. Tall cat tree, plenty of toys, puzzles and interactive games are essential to keep it mentally stimulated and prevent boredom that can lead to unwanted behavior (breaking of wires and destroying of valuable electronic devices). Bengal cat likes to collect and hide small, glistening items such as keys and jewelry.

  7. There are at least 68 mammal species found within Chitwan including the Bengal tiger, leopards, sloth bears, smooth-coated otters, Bengal foxes, honey badgers, spotted linsangs, striped hyenas, golden jackals, jungle cats, Asian palm civets, tallow-throated martens, mongooses, fishing cats, rhinos, elephants, guars, wild boars, hog deer, sambar deer, rhesus monkeys, flying squirrels, antelopes, and the endangered hispid hare species.

  8. Bengal cat has short coat that requires grooming once weekly.

  9. Bengal cat is named after its wild ancestor, Asian leopard cat that is scientifically known as Prionailurus bengalensis.

  10. The Bengal Tiger has the largest canine tooth of all the cats at 10cm long.Their roar can travel 2 miles and they grow up to 9 feet long and 340 kg. There are 1500 left and numbers are declining due to poaching and habitat loss.

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Bengal cat is very vocal cat. It loudly expresses all of its needs.

There are 35 mammal species in Kaziranga National Park. 15 are listed as threatened species. Some of the mammals include elephants, wild Asiatic water buffalos, swamp deer, great one-horned rhinos, wild boar, Indian tigers, leopards, fishing cats, jungle cats, Bengal foxes, and flying squirrels, among many others.

Bengal cat has an average lifespan of 14 to 16 years.

Bengal cat can reach 8 to 15 pounds of weight.

In 19th century India, a fight was arranged between a Barbary lion called 'Atlas' and a Bengal tiger. The tiger managed to scratch Atlas to death, and it was accepted that the tiger was the "King of the Cat Family." Atlas' body was given a Royal burial. - source

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Bengal cat should be kept inside the house because of the strong hunting instinct directed toward the birds and other small animals.

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Bengal cat has small wedge-shaped head, large, oval eyes, small ears, strong, muscular body and powerful legs with large, rounded paws.

Bengal cat is also known as the Rolls Royce of the cat world, because of the price of an individual cat that ranges from 500 to 5000 dollars.

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