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The Germans were led by admirals Reinhard Scheer and Franz Hipper, who intended to draw a large part of the British fleet out in order to end its blockade of the North Sea.

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In addition to losing more ships, more than 6,000 British sailors died versus 2,500 Germans.

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  1. The British ships also had much more firepower.

  2. The British had the Germans outnumbered in every class of ship, the most important being the battleships/dreadnought - twenty-eight to sixteen.

  3. Although the British had a seaplane for reconnaissance, aircraft only played a small role in the battle.

  4. The British Navy was supported by its state of the art "dreadnought" destroyers. "Dreadnought" was the term used for the first of the modern battleships built in the early twentieth century, which came from the first in its class, HMS Dreadnought.

  5. The fighting began at around 3:48 pm when the British attacked Admiral Hipper's squadron.

  6. The British were led by admirals John Jellicoe and David Beatty, who planned to issue a crushing blow to the German Navy.

  7. Admiral Jellicoe was heavily criticized in Britain for being to cautious and "allowing" the German fleet to escape. This criticism doesn"t take into account Admiral Scheer's abilities or his strategy to not directly engage the British fleet.

  8. By 6 pm. the British had suffered severe losses. Individual squads began to coalesce with the larger fleet formation and the German squads then did the same.

  9. Running battles between ships continued through the night and into the early morning hours of June 1, when the German fleet returned to port.

  10. The German fleet was known as the "High Seas Fleet," while the British was known as the "Grand Fleet."

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The German plan called for U-boats to attack British ships at their bases, thereby drawing them out, but the element of surprise was dashed when they obtained German codes via the Russians.

The Germans returned to their strategy of unrestricted submarine warfare after the battle.

The grey color of the German ships gave them some camouflage in the overcast North Sea skies.

The Battle of Jutland was the largest naval battle in World War I.

The Battle of Jutland, the largest naval battle in history, lasted one day, involved 250 ships from UK, CAN and AUS against Germany and left 8,645 killed - source

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The battle is so named because it took place off Denmark's Jutland peninsula.

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