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The original lyric in the Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the Devil was "I shouted out 'Who killed Kennedy?' This had to be changed to "I shouted out 'Who killed the Kennedys?'" after RFK was assassinated while the song was being recorded.

Mr Rogers explained what assassination meant on his show after MLK and RFK were killed.

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  1. After JFK's assassination the highest mountain in North America that had not yet been climbed was named in his honor, two years later his brother RFK was the first to reach the summit

  2. CIA director John McCone told RFK he believed there were TWO shooters that assassinated his brother JFK.

  3. Sirhan Sirhan, the alleged lone assassin of RFK, fired 8 shots in total, yet 14 were found lodged around the room and in the victims.

  4. JFK's brother, RFK, was the leading democrat to run against Nixon, until he was assassinated.

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